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Koolah Kampers has a long history, and much experience. Starting many years ago in Rosewood, and then moving to workshops and sales yard in Ipswich. Finally outgrowing this the business moved to Riverland Drive in Loganholme were the extensive workshops also boasted one of Queensland’s largest spray booths.

Koolah Kampers continues to set the benchmark in customer service and the sourcing of excellent used coaches that are ideal for conversion – after all, we pioneered the whole thing! Imitators have come (and gone!) but we remain true to our ideals of treating each and every client as a friend, and helping at each step of the way as your dream motorhome takes shape.

We now work with an extensive list of trusted companies for parts supply, interior fitout, paint jobs, restoration, and full engineering from the chassis up.

Koolah Kampers have clocked up over 1000 clients now; and still no two motorhomes have been the same. Each one is an individual build. We are very proud of our extensive experience, and share this knowledge with you as your design takes shape. Most of our clients do not live locally – or even in Queensland – but this does not challenge us. We are quite used to dealing at arms length as things progress, and keep an eye on things for you in your absence. Regular updates and photos are mailed or emailed so your can watch your new baby grow and take shape.

Our focus is on sourcing and selling the right coach, and making sure your fitout is with trusted and qualified professionals; or we can help you build your own motorhome on one of our buses.

Koolah Kampers has a track record of supplying the professional builder with suitable buses and cannot be considered a competitor, as we do not do the interiors ourselves. We supply the industry and home-builder alike with a bus or fully completed shell.

Working with a handful of experienced, but differing specialists means we can tailor a build that is perfect for your needs and budget. It’s not a “one size fits all” kind of place. You may have a preference for a particular material – or distinct hatred of chipboard – Koolah Kampers can help. We can guide you, advise you, and importantly, listen to you.

You, and your dream motorhome, are what’s important.

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