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Bus Models


These models are eminently suitable for motor home conversion.

RH Hino Specification Sheet - click here
RB Hino Specification Sheet - click here

Mitsubishi Fuso - click bus below for larger image

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RB Hino- click bus below for larger image

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RH Hino - click bus below for larger image

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Hino Liesse

The Hino Liesse is a late model coach approved for import under the RAWS scheme. They are very modern and some have air bag suspension as well. Some have a flat floor, some have a aisle. They are rare in automatic as nearly all of them were manual gearboxes.
They are slightly wider than the RB Hino (50mm wider) and a fair bit taller inside (more like the RH Hino) at about 1950mm.

These are powered buy a rear mounted turbo with inter-cooler 5.3 litre diesel engine.
When buying one be sure to look for the flat floor model, and sliding glass. They do come with bonded glass (full glass sheets) but unless you are going to panel the sides in these are a terrible choice as you will cook. The raised aisle will be expensive to modify so a flat floor is a better start.
Prices will vary like all things according to condition and kilometres and suitability for conversion (floor and glass) to a motorhome

Toyota Coaster - click bus below for larger image

Late model Coasters can be imported under the RAWS scheme. They are designated HDB50 series. Look for the HDB51 with the turbo diesel 6 Cyl, and the automatic option is highly regarded with couples as they are so easy to drive, and can squeak in on a car licence. They have a flat floor (but front engine) and drivers door. The EX grade is the top of the range with extras such as power mirrors, rear wipers, demisters and so forth. Look out for some which have bonded glass sides (fixed panels) as these do not open and you will cook. So buy sliding glass only, or panel out the sides and add opening windows

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